DVE Uniforms


Swimmers, waterpolo players and divers are requested to wear the DVE Aquatic club polo at all competitions.


Please go to the TeamApp to view prices and order.


A range of reasonably priced DVE club apparel is available for purchase, including:

  • Polo shirts (kids and adults)
  • Hoodie with zip (kids and adults)
  • Hoodie without zip (kids and adults)
  • Waterpolo tops (kids and adults)
  • Waterpolo bathers – male and female styles – price on application (depends on demand)


  • Embroidery:
    • Name (small)
    • Name (large) eg back of hoodie
    • Title (small) eg state, year
    • Additional waterpolo logo


  • Vinyl on back of polo tops
  • Training snorkels and snorkel replacement yokes
  • Club caps and state cap


Further information available from the Uniforms Officer – uniforms@dveaquatic.org.au



Swimming Top


Waterpolo Top