Waterpolo Coaches


Sonja Wendel – Women and Girls Coach

My name is Sonja and for me water polo has been ‘a way of life’. Starting competition when I turned 10. I wish everyone the same joy I have playing water polo. To me it’s swimming with a lot more. I have played in the Netherlands, South Australia and Victoria. Favourite position CB and Point. The last few years I have been DVE’s Goalie. Achievement: Back to Back District and Cup winner in the Netherlands; South Australian State team member; Silver at the World Masters Water Polo championships; First place Victorian championship competition with NYP Dragons, Latrobe Uni and DVE. Along the way, I have coached in the Netherlands and South Australia and help develop many players to play their best.

Alberto Vela – Mens, Girls and Boys Coach

Hi, my name is Alberto, I have been coaching water polo at DVE Aquatic for nearly 4 years. I come from a swimming background, competing at national level (in Venezuela) when I was 12 and 13 years old. I entered the world of water polo at Uni, where I played for nearly 4 years, and I have loved the game ever since. It is a great way to keep fit in the water and have fun with friends! I love coaching at DVE Aquatic as it is a very inclusive club, which strives to bring the best of the players and helping them grow, both in and out of the pool. What I love the most about coaching is seeing the players become more confident with the game, gaining new skills, improving all the time and having fun along the way. During the last 4 years, I have coached our junior teams making finals with different age groups. What I love the most about these teams is that no matter if we make it to the finals or not, everyone gives it their all in the pool and has fun.



Jamie Osland – Coach under 12

Hi, my name is Jamie Osland. I have only been involved with Water Polo for the last 2 years after my son showed an interest to play. I played as a junior in NSW many, many years ago and, through my son’s involvement, I have had the opportunity to rekindle my love for this sport. Water Polo is non-compromising and has nowhere to hide. It is also the best team sport in the water – who does not love to swim, be part of the team, and be allowed to make contact with the opposition. I have been coaching for most of my life in other sports and particularly like the development age groups. I enjoy working with the kids on forming the foundations as this is the hardest to achieve and the most rewarding as a coach.



Hayley Waters – U12 Assistant Coach

Hey, I’m Hayley and I am 16. I have been playing water polo for around about 4 years now, prior to that I was a squad swimmer also for DVE. I really love this sport because of the teamwork and the overall technique of the game. I started coaching because I really wanted to promote the sport as it isn’t a sport people commonly participate in, and I would like to change that. I also enjoy coaching the kids, as I get to teach them new things and see them learn.


Isabel Vargas – U12 Assistant Coach

Hi, my name is Isabel and I just turned 17. I have been playing water polo for 3 years now, after swimming for many years. I love water polo because it is a challenging and strategic game and I love playing in a team with my friends.

The main reason I like coaching is because I love working with kids and really want to promote the sport especially to young girls. Something fun about me - I am ambidextrous and can play with either hand.


Stephanie Jacobson – U12 Assistant Coach


Christian Schofield – U12 Assistant Coach

Hi, my name is Christian, I am 15 and I've been playing water polo for 6 years. My favorite aspects of water polo is the teamwork and speed of the game and how you can trust your team mates. I like coaching because I believe I can inspire the younger kids and also helping them become the best they can be. Sometimes you feel like hero to them.

My achievements are coming 3rd in Australia with DVE Aquatic at the 2018 Brisbane nationals and also making the Born 2003 Australian squad for the second time.

I love having fun and making sure everyone is involved.



Omar Vela Wheen – U12 Assistant Coach

Hi, my name is Omar, I am 15 and I have been playing water polo for almost 4 years. I love everything about water polo but mainly having fun with friends and making good memories

I like coaching the younger kids because if I can make them love water polo as much as I do, that would be amazing. It is a great sport that keeps you fit and strong.

I have represented Peru in the 2015 Sud-American Championships, I have played with the Victorian Team, and recently came 3rd in Australia with DVE Aquatic for U16 comp.