Club Captains

DVE Aquatic co-club captains for 2016-17 are Natalie Smith and Tara Draper.

natalie smithNat says: I’ve been swimming for the last 10 years or so and just like everyone else, I have my own story. Although my swimming didn’t go the way I had planned about five years ago, it provided me with the catalyst to move to a club that gives me the support I always needed and taught me how to get my passion back. In wanting to become club captain, I don’t come from a place of swimming excellence or first place winnings, but rather a place of undying passion, resilience, experience and love and for the sport. I owe a lot to Brian for teaching me so many life lessons and so many things about myself that I would never have learnt had I walked away from the sport as I had thought that I would. I think being older and at a different place in life to a lot of other club members, I’m able to bring my experiences, advice and compassion to the table in a way that will make me approachable, supportive and understanding. I really believe that this role will allow me to utilise everything I’ve learnt over the last ten year rollercoaster that has been my swimming career!

tara draperTara says: I am looking forward to getting to work with the swimmers to encourage them to continue on their swimming journeys and be someone that all members of the club can approach about any issue that concerns them. I hope to make DVE the best club that it can be and encourage all members of the club to be their best! I am grateful that I have been given this opportunity, and I will make my time worthwhile. See you around the pool deck! Thanks very much!


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